Tiffany Sunday, Entrepreneur, Speaker and Author  About pages are interesting, a person can select to write in first or third person.

Personally, I prefer to write in first person as it feels more like we are talking with one another rather than reading a biography.

If you are new to the website, just a bit of information to help you understand my passion for creativity and entrepreneurship.

I am a dyslexic entrepreneur and have been starting businesses, creating new products and writing since junior high.

My company, Dillon 5, recently underwent a major change as we shifted directions and are focused on developing an online media and publishing company.  Starting in March, I will be hosting a new  YouTube Show.


  • The Competitive Advantages of Dyslexia – Business and Leadership Strategies for Dyslexic Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Professionals 
  • Dyslexic Teens – How to Start a Business or Creative Career 
  • Why Wait!  Advice and Strategies for Teens on How to Start A Business Before College

The first book – The Competitive Advantage of Dyslexia is currently being pre-sold via a GoFundMe campaign to help raise money to pay for the editors and publishing costs.

Last year, I crowdfunded and self-published my first book You Posted What!? .  The book is a college and career guide for teens, parents, school counselors and college placement centers on how to use the Internet and social media to secure college placement and find employment.

To learn more about my professional background, please view the Author Page

As Always – Best Wishes!

Tiffany Sunday, Founder and President of Dillon 5 LLC