Dyslexia's Competitive EdgeDyslexia’s Competitive Edge is available from AmazonBarnes &, and Book People including international distribution. 


“Tiffany’s book is full of strategies and insight, but most important she showcases the value of dyslexia and how it is a competitive advantage.” Skip Howard, Managing Director of Dallas Partners, Entrepreneur, and Inventor

“Brilliant idea! One of the best resources for dyslexic entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals I’ve ever come by.”  Gary Smith, Founder & CEO of Brainbook Ltd. and Creator of the Dyslexia Toolbox

“Tiffany Sunday is on point for talent acquisition and careers.” Andres Traslavina, Executive Global Recruiter for Whole Foods Inc. 

“Dyslexia’s Competitive Edge can give parents and dyslexic students hope.”  Tom Pryor, President of ICMS

“Tiffany, I wanted to say thank you.  I feel better about our son’s future.” Parent of a dyslexic teen 

To purchase a signed copy of Dyslexia’s Competitive Edge, please use the Contact Form to send your name, address, and email.  You will receive an invoice from Square for payment.  The cost is $15 plus $3.00 shipping.

What’s Inside Dyslexia’s Competitive Edge? 

As an avid reader, I still like print books so that I can flip through the pages and read parts of the book before I purchase it.  I have listed on this page a sample of the Table of Contents from Dyslexia’s Competitive Edge.  I wrote this book for one reason – to create a book and resource I wish was available earlier in my career.

I wished I had known that dyslexia is an invaluable asset and a competitive edge. Every day I use strategies and creative workarounds I developed as a dyslexic student with no accommodations.

My goal was to create a book you could place on your desk, or somewhere in your home or office and read sections as needed. In the back of the book is an extensive resource section with recommended blogs, videos, websites, links, and organizations. Again, I created a book that I would like to have in my office.

I also included two sections on the less discussed aspects of dyslexia such as when our word retrieval system misfires or how tacky comments about our intelligence can still hurt.

Sample of the Table of Contents

Why Dyslexics Make Great Entrepreneurs

From Failure, the Layers of Resiliency Are Added

The Power of the Dyslexic Pivot

Passion is a Prerequisite

Dream Big or Go Home!

Trust Your Gut Intuition

Build a Team of People You Trust

The Importance of a Good Mentor or Coach

Leadership is about People and Building Good Relationships

Our Ability to Delegate is a Competitive Edge

Do Not Sell Yourself Short and Never, Ever Settle!