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You Posted What!? is Essential Guide for Parents, Teens, College Students and Educators.

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Praise for You Posted What!?

“The is a surprisingly refreshing look at the realities of social media for teens.  It contains well-researched information, to the point advice, and just good common sense that what kids do online can make a difference – both positively and negatively for many years to come.

It is a must read for parents, teachers, counselors, mentors, and even the teens themselves”. 
-Paula Asinof, Executive Career Coach

I’m grateful for your book and hope you’ll consider writing another book with middle school to high school readers in mind.  I would love to use your book as a discussion starter for students.

 Your format is excellent and the material is perfect for discussion.  Your voice is positive and full of good advice.  My students have already heard the doomsday danger voice and need to hear the positive ways they can use technology to advance themselves in today’s world.”
-Joyce Babbitt, Middle School Librarian

You Posted What!? includes strategies on how to avoid costly mistakes that teens and college students frequently make on social media.

Did you know that talent agents and college recruiters pre-screen potential students via the Internet?

Our digital profiles can be an asset or liability depending upon the content stored in our digital icebergs.  The Internet and Social Media are both powerful digital tools that are a double-edge sword.  Teens are quickly discovering how quickly their future can change with one wrong click or post.

Our digital profiles have replaced resumes, and all the digital content we produce can be used to our advantage or limit our opportunities.   Understanding how your teen’s digital portfolio will be used to secure college placement, employment or funding a startup will be determined by the content contained in their digital profile.

Parents and students who use the Internet strategically to build a positive digital profile will have an advantage in the future securing college placement, employment and affordable loans or insurance coverage.

Those who do not understand the impact of their social media content will be left behind.   To take advantage of these opportunities teenagers and college students will need quality data rich digital profiles to showcase their knowledge, talent and skills.

Thanks to my many GoFundMe Sponsors for your support and help! I pre-sold over 20 copies before we went to press on March 25, 2014.