About Tiffany

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I’m an entrepreneur, strategist and speaker with 20 years’ experience in developing and launching new products from consumer products to telecommunications and Internet based companies.

My first book is finished and I’m so excited! Being dyslexic, writing a book has been a goal since junior high.

“You Posted What! How to Help Your Teen Use Social Media to Gain Advantage for College and Future Employment” will be published in May 2014.

Entrepreneurship has always been my passion and I started my first business at the age of 12.  Last year, I founded  Jr. Startup and hosts a Monthly Meetup Group in Dallas for young entrepreneurs.

As Founder and Owner Dillon 5™ , I work with a wide range of businesses from funded startups, small businesses and entrepreneurial teams within large  companies.

I’ve been an integral team member for five startup businesses helping the founders launch both the company and its products in the marketplace. I worked to secure funding, developed strategies that gained market traction and hire talented team members.

My knowledge and expertise has been invaluable during transitional growth phases; especially startups moving to the next level.

From 2009 – 2011, I served as Director of Marketing and Consumer Relations for Meals to Live a funded startup while she concurrently managed Dillon 5′s clients.

As a member of Meals to Live executive team and worked closely with the Founder to develop and launch the brand in the market.

I also served as Marketing Manager for Diabetes Friendly Foundation (“DFF”), a nonprofit organization founded by Meals to Live. Working with the founder, I helped develop Quick Sticks which was spun off as a separate company from DFF and merged with Meals to Live under the name Quick Sticks.

MTL PictureWorking at Meals to Live was a great experience.

“Launching a new company is one of the greatest challenges while the task can be daunting it also provides the team with an enormous amount of freedom. 

I embraced the opportunity to create Meals to Live Marketing, Public Relations and Consumer Relations group. We achieve our goal of total engagement with consumers at all levels and I personally answered every email we received from the public.”

I created marketing and consumer programs, developed the company’s sales training program, hired marketing interns and sales personnel, managed all corporate marketing, consumer relations and public relations initiatives.

Prior to Dillon 5, I worked as a regulatory specialist for FINRA and received multiple promotions and two “Above and Beyond Award”.  The first award was for developing innovative web-based auditing program that converted all manual auditing functions to the new system.

I received the second “Above and Beyond Award” for outstanding work performance on a federal embezzlement case and was promoted to a senior level position for investigative work analyzing variable annuity sales practices at leading Wall Street firms.

Before FINRA, I worked for Bustin & Co., a boutique business strategy firm launching new products for Fortune 500 companies. She was responsible for “making things happen” and creating workable solutions in sometimes chaotic situations.  I created a breakthrough business development concept for Nextel and Bustin & Co. which became the benchmark for Nextel in all markets.

Working for Bustin & Co. was the best career training ever for combining creativity and strategic thinking.  I started my  career in consumer product sales and transferred to product development after completing my MBA.

I hold an MBA from Southern Methodist University and a Bachelor of Arts from Texas A&M University.

Client Compliments

“Tiffany, I am very impressed with your insight and thank you for all your good work”.  Pino Farinola, CEO of Pino’s Kitchen LLC

“Tiffany has been a huge benefit to the company and greatly enhanced our ability to move from a startup company to a revenue generating company.  With Tiffany’s skill set and versed background, she has provided experience and knowledge in the areas of; website development, product development, organization and marketing along with her endless list of pertinent business contacts.” Cole Egger, CEO of Meals to Live LLC 

“Tiffany’s foresight, along with her vast knowledge, helped our start-up to stand on it’s own two feet. She did a great job setting us up for future promotions and projects, and left us with valuable information that we have relied on and used to this day.” Christy Lizarrage, Marketing Coordinator, Meals to Live

“Tiffany is smart, industrious and committed professional who delivers on her promises.  She helped manage several important clients for us, most notably Nextel for which she completed a project that was instrumental in driving business for that client.”Greg Bustin, President of Bustin & Co.

“Tiffany is a thought leader, with a deep understanding of marketing, communications and business development.  She understands how things work and what it takes to make things happen.  If Tiffany says it will get done.  It will.  On time, on budget and better than you could ever have imaged it being done.   She is a true professional and great person.” Robert Rota, Principal of Development and Vice President of Operations at Bustin & Co.

“Tiffany Sunday was instrumental in helping Brady Media Group take the next steps in business development and growth.  Her business acumen, wise counsel and experience helped us enormously at a critical junction and I look forward to our continued relationship.”Jeff Brady, CEO of Brady Media Group


Startups:  Bob Chilton Photography, babytique,  ElementAPI, notfindingout.com, Meals to Live LLC, Urban Sustainable Solutions, Main Street Debt Advisors, Brady Media Group, The Behavioral Advantage, Dueling Chefs, Hobert Pediatrics, Impact Foods, Coach Academy Texas, Yellow Brick Path, Diabetes Friendly Foundation

Companies: Pino’s Kitchen, Computer Business Solutions, Boone Deleon Communications, Regatta Boat Company, City Pets, Inc., First London Financial, KPRC Channel 2 – NBC News Station

Non-Profits: East Lake Pet Orphanage