Tiffany Sunday, Entrepreneur, Author and Speaker I am a dyslexic entrepreneur and entrepreneurship is my passion.  I have been starting businesses and creating new products since junior high

Once again, I am launching a new business venture

This year, I crowd-funded and self-published my first book You Posted What!? .  The book is a college and career guide for teens, parents, school counselors and college placement centers on how to use the Internet and social media to secure college placement and find employment.

Along with the new business, I am back at the “typewriter” and will be publishing multiple books in 2015.

The first book for 2015 Dyslexic Entrepreneurship, will discuss how to use dyslexia to your advantage and include specific business strategies.

The book is to provide fellow dyslexic entrepreneurs with a resource to help them launch new companies and grow their businesses.   We will launch a crowdfunding campaign in January 2015.

Dyslexia offers unique side benefits, for one, I do not fear failure and am persistence in reaching my goals.

I am writing two books for teen entrepreneurs.  Both books will be pre-sold via a GoFundMe campaign in February 2015.

  • Jr. Startup and Teen Entrepreneurs – How to Start A Business Before College 
  • Jr. Startup and Teen Entrepreneurship for Dyslexic Students – How to Use Dyslexia to Your Advantage.

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Best Wishes and Happy Holidays!

Tiffany Sunday, Founder and President of Dillon 5 LLC