Tiffany Sunday, TEDx Speaker and Author Hello, 

I am a dyslexic entrepreneur, author, and TEDx speaker.

Being dyslexic, I am honored to be part of amazing community of highly talented and innovative individuals.

This spring, I spoke at the 2015 TEDx Turtle Creek Women  – Dyslexia 2.0: The Gift of Innovation and the Entrepreneurial Mind. 

Entrepreneurship and creative writing are my passions. I started my first business when I was 12. Since then I have started businesses and created new products for  funded startups, Fortune 500 companies, and my businesses.

I share advice, strategies, and lessons learned in my books, blogs, and YouTube videos.  

My mission and goal is to help you use your dyslexic brain as a competitive edge from starting a business, to launching a creative career, or inventing a new process or technology.

In 2014, I transition to a full-time author entrepreneur from launching investor funded startups.

My latest book is Dyslexia’s Competitive Edge, the book is available from Amazon.

I am booking speaking events and scheduling a book tour for Dyslexia’s Competitive Edge.  Please use the Contact Form if your group or organization is interested in scheduling an appearance.

Upcoming books for Fall of 2015:

Kindle – College Strategies for Dyslexic College Students (Working Title – strategies I developed without accommodations)

Dyslexic Teens – How to Start a Business or Career Before High School Graduation 

Why Wait! – How to Start a Business or Jump Start Your Career Before College 

As Always – Best Wishes!

Tiffany Sunday