Tiffany Sunday, Author and Speaker After multiple drafts in third person, I determined the best way to communicate was directly with you.

I love to speak and have been presenting to audiences since college.

My professional presentations have focused on three topics:  entrepreneurship, business development and social media.

The one common thread in all my presentations has been dyslexia and how I learned to use my unique and gifted brain to my advantage.

Dyslexia is like a mental onion where the brilliance of the dyslexic brain is revealed over time.  Dyslexia has taught me how to be persistent, tenacious and patient.

One of the unique benefits of dyslexia is that I do not fear failure which is where the tenacity kicks in nor have I refused to give up on my dreams (persistence).

When I was in elementary school and having a hard time, my mother would say “go put your turtle wax on.”  She used the turtle wax as an imaginary shield to encourage me to keep moving forward.

I am proud to be dyslexic and part of an amazing group of highly talented and creative individuals.

In 2013, I created Jr. Startup to help dyslexic teen entrepreneurs and students who are interested in starting a business.  There are multiple surveys and studies that link entrepreneurship and dyslexia.

This year, I crowd-funded and self-published my first book You Posted What!? which provides parents, educators and teens with information and strategies on how to use the Internet and social media to their advantage.

Social media profiles provide dyslexic students an opportunity to showcase their unique and creative talents that are absent from the paper based college applications.

I believe is important to stay curious and am passionate about entrepreneurship, education and learning.

My professional experience includes launching multiple startup ventures including an investor funded consumer products company, working in brand management developing and launching new products for Fortune 500 companies.

In 2003, I founded Dillon 5, a business development consulting company.  I hold a Bachelor of Arts from Texas A&M University and an MBA from Southern Methodist University.

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