Passion Required for New Product Ideas

When thinking about your idea, understanding why you believe this idea should be developed into a product or service is important.  The “why” is the driving force behind the product idea and without passion and determination the product may not survive the marketplace.

Ideas need passion.  Think of Steve Jobs, he is passionate about Apple and the products the company creates.  His energy and determination are evident in the company’s actions and in his speeches.   Is your company passionate about the new product idea?  Can you rally the team around the idea and generate enough excitement to develop and launch the product?

Is the team willing to make the commitment to develop the product?  Or is this idea an afterthought or a reaction to competitive activity in the marketplace? Creating new products based on ideas that are reactive rather than ideas that solve a problem can potentially cost the company more time and money in the long run.  Be mindful of herd mentally when developing new products.

Developing products takes time and energy.  Without a strong internal drive from employees, the end product will mostly likely be substandard; thus generating less revenue.   When a company is passionate about its products these feelings can influence consumer buying decisions.  Think of Apple, the products and their loyal customer base.  Now, think about companies that are not passionate and do not care about the “why” behind the idea. Ask yourself which product or service would you rather buy?

Passion matters when developing new products for the marketplace, lack of interest always comes through in product design and development.